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Internet's back.

That's it.
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Children are raised bilingual from an early age, punitive tariffs protect local industry, drunk drivers are sent to rehabilitation paid for by the government, and the dead are minced up and sold to people in burger form.

It would seem... that one of these things is not like the others.

Also, according to the descriptor of my nation, the presence of these laws makes Zweeloas a Democratic Socialist country. Hmm.
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So... we were off Monday for Presidents' Day.

Tuesday and Wednesday I wore my new "Snow" perfume.

Thursday and Friday are now both officially snow days.

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All of the different lyrics websites have conflicting lyrics for "Best Friend" (Dandy Warhols, not My Best Friend by Weezer, which is fairly straight-forward). I think I'll just decide on my favorites. I mean, I'd actually listen to the song and try to decide which one it was, but instead of "the world is alone/the word is unknown, but bitter to the end", I heard "the world is a bird with (blahblahblah) (wiiings?)". So I don't think I'm exactly a reputable source for this sort of thing. I mean, I didn't even realize that really soothing song went "I'm a dick, waiting to be kicked" until I looked at the title and connected it to the song, and then connected the song to the lyrics that I'd already connected to the title.


Well, I need to be going to bed, anyway. I'm tired all the time lately. I keep turning off the alarm in the morning and going back to sleep. You'd think I would learn, but I really don't want to. I don't care about the fact that in fifteen or twenty minutes I'll have to get up and rush around for clothes and jewelry and stuff. I just want to sleeep.

It would be nice if I could feel that way at, oh, the time I go to bed.
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Well, the power went out at home. Bit troublesome getting the cat on an hour-long car ride to the house of my mother's SO, but I think things are cool now. I've got hot tea that smells like Aussie conditioner, pizza rolls on the way, and the cat's sitting in a corner, bleary-eyed and frightened. But, all in all, seems like a pretty good...


Oh god.

Oh, god!

There's no scrolly-rolly button knob on this mouse!

Oh my god abandon ship! Women and children first! We're all gonna die!
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Finally it's cold.

Lately I've been listening to the CDs that I own but never really listened to often. Like Weezer. When I got it, I thought I was getting a bunch of stuff like the Sweater Song. Not so much. But now I'm cool with it because I've been listening to it a lot, after I run out of other songs to listen to over here and if I don't feel like listening to Welcome to the Monkey House (Dandy Warhols, not Vonnegut) twice in a day. If I accept it for what it is rather than judge by what I expected, it's a good CD.

Also, U2; I really only listened to that CD for... well, Running to Stand Still, sometimes, but more often Trip Through Your Wires. Now I'm listening to it straight through. Not "now" as in general (that too, though)--now as in right now.

...Right, and my iPod's been dead for a while; I haven't had a convenient USB port to charge it with, so I've been using my CD player.

I've been reading the complete Sherlock Holmes lately. I'm well into the latter half, and I've had to stop to break into laughter more often than I have when reading certain books that were supposed to be intentionally funny. Part of it was more from shock at a sudden turn of events than anything else. Some of it was because of sudden departures from usual characterization. That type of laughter is usually more giggly and broken up by "aww"s. Hey, I'm a teenage girl, I have complete license to do this.

That's about it. Again.
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Internet's still out.

That is all.
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I was dizzy for most of yesterday. After I got past the concern about it more than likely being part of a more serious medical issue, I came to a point where it didn't bother me. It felt sorta like being on a ship, or probably like being drunk, and I amused myself by staggering around the living room for a bit, swaying one way for a few steps and then back. Then I got sick to my stomach and it wasn't so much fun anymore.

The sickness passed, but I was dizzy until I went to sleep--reluctantly, because I was a bit worried that if I'd suffered brain damage (and then forgot about it, which raises an interesting point on how much brain damage I'd've had to have suffered to forget an event that gave me brain damage) then I might fall into a coma.

I've been going to sleep at around six in the morning, though I've been trying to pull it back to a time before sunrise. So, I woke up at four today.

It was gone until about two AM. So then, and as a continuation of last night, I tried to fix it according to all of the things it might have been. Low blood pressure (despite the lack of lightheadedness, un-lucidity and occasional temporary blindness that I've come to associate with low blood pressure)? I've been getting plenty of salt. Lack of sleep? I've been getting a solid ten hours. Lack of fruit and vegetables? Well, that's probably an issue, but I guess it's not the root of this issue, 'cause I gorged myself on them and there was no change. Lupus? It's never lupus. Dehydration? I figure (or at least, figured last night) I drink plenty already, but I got myself a big cup of water and drank, over a few hours, fairly often.

Low blood sugar?...

Around two-thirty I got fed up with the whole thing and started prowling around the kitchen, in search of caffeine (which I don't think we have in any form) or cocaine (which we don't have, and I didn't say nuffin) or something. For some reason, an ice pop sounded like a good idea. So I had it, while walking around more, and... I haven't been dizzy since.

What frustrates me is that it's entirely composed of sugar, water, and Cold, so I'm still not sure what did it. It might've even been walking around the living room.
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I have come to the conclusion that I want a torc.

I'm trying to make one out of paper clips, but it's not going very well.
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Take five books off your bookshelf.
Book #1 -- first sentence
Book #2 -- last sentence on page fifty
Book #3 -- second sentence on page one hundred
Book #4 -- next to the last sentence on page one hundred fifty
Book #5 -- final sentence of the book
Make the five sentences into a paragraph.

According to the First Scroll of Wen the Eternally Surprised, Wen stepped out of the cave where he had received enlightenment and into the dawning light of the first day of the rest of his life. "Tomorrow at four then," she said, drawing her head in like a turtle. I'll in, to urge his hatred more to Clarence, with lies well steel'd with weighty arguments; and, if I fail not in my deep intent, Clarence hath not another day to live: which done, God take King Edward to His mercy, and leave the world for me to bustle in! Howdy, howdy, howdy! On it was written, "Goddess bless, lady page."

Okay, so I kinda grabbed four off the floor by my bed (since they are the ones I've read recently) and then the fifth from my bookcase (closed my eyes, waved my arms, and let my left hand fall on a book). In case one sentence strikes you funny and you'd like to have a moment to make a guess as to what it's from, I'll put the answers under a cut ).
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Hoorah, I've just learned why the passive tense is considered a Bad Thing.


As far as I can tell, "am" was previously used like we now use "have", hence "I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds", which I learned (from this book on religions I'm reading) is from this Hindu... ah, dammit. Lemme check the book... from the Bhagavad-Gita. The religion book did not, however, explain wtf was up with "I am become".

It also lends itself to third-person singular, like "he is come" for "he has come", which might be how "is/am/was/etc" became "has/have/had/etc" With "is" and "has", either way, it's "he's come". (I think this might be pluperfect tense, used more commonly in England, while here we say "he came". But I read the Wikipedia article at about two or three in the morning, so then again it might not be.)

Anyway, the passive tense (instead of "they did this", "this is done", with no mention of who did it) looks too much like this old lingo. "He is loved" looks too much like "He has loved", which is completely different.

In conclusion, I love this website.
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I had a dream last night that I was going to a bookstore to buy a new series that I'd read one book of and immediately loved, but the bookstore--the only one in the area--had suffered from a fire earlier that week, and only about a hundred books remained.

It was a horrible dream.

A disproportionate amount of the surviving books were actually from the series that I liked, but they were all from different points in the series. The seventh book, the thirteenth book, the large-two-digit-number-that-I-can't-remember book, the hundred-and-something-teenth book, the five hundredth book--stuff like that. (I guess it must have been a very long series.)

And, of course, I couldn't buy the hardback books--too expensive--so that narrowed my selection further.

Even worse, when I finished going through all of the books I could find, bought the five books from the series that were available, and left... on the way home, I realized that I'd accidently, when I meant to put back the second hundred-and-something-teenth book, put back one of the ones that I meant to buy. So I had two hundred-and-something-teenth books and no other-book.
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Oh, man, they're airing re-runs of Courage the Cowardly Dog on Cartoon Network. All the good old stuff. It makes me so happy inside. Everything's so goddamn pretty. Also, hilarious. I mean, it's nothing I'd normally consider funny, but just because it's Courage the Cowardly Dog, I'm laughing my ass off at every little thing.
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I went a-walking today in the park.

I found some owl pellets, which I then carefully dissected with really long sticks. No skulls, sadly, though I don't know what I'd've done if there were. I mean, I've always wanted bone-jewelry, but I wouldn't know how to clean it, and it's not like I had a zip-loc bag or anything to even carry it home. Also, if I did have a zip-loc, I'd just end up wtih a rodent skull shoved in a drawer somewhere until the end of time.

As it is, I have a stone with a hole in it in my shower, where it will steadily grow cleaner.
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I got a Flogging Molly CD. It is making me so happy. It's, like, rockin' Irish shanties, and I've always loved shanties and Celtic songs, so this is good. Not that the songs are really Celtic, anyway.

Why have I never got an entire CD of shanties or shantiesque things? This is something that I should have had earlier. I mean, I looked for a Cyril Tawney CD before (I love Diesel and Shale), but couldn't find it, and the closest I have to the genre otherwise is my bluegrass. Which has fiddles, and that's basically the only similarity.
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Hah, man. I was just messing with the features I've just discovered for iTunes, and I figured out that you can actually crop songs. Which I figured I'd do for the 1812 Overture, since I am a musical plebeian and really only like the part about fouteen and a half minutes in where it picks up and there are trumpets and cannons.

Anyway, when I was done I put the list on shuffle and continued listening, and All You Need is Love came on right after. It really confused me for a minute because it started out with the other famous melody from 1812 Overture. I was like, "Wait, wait, I specifically just set it for the cannon part! Come on, iTunes, get with it."

This seemed more amusing to me than it probably actually was.
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Andrew, I don't know if you're still reading my LJ or what, but here are the emo pictures you requested.

Cut for Emo )
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Blah, I have to take one of those driver's test things tomorrow. I should probably study for it, but I haven't got around to it.

At least I got some CDs.
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I finally scanned my Lyrics Notebook.

Sharpened, contrasted, and shrunk to a fourth of its size. )
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We have a mouse here. Or possibly it's a shrew, since it looks tiny. I have no idea how it got in, but after moving the couch around for half an hour trying to drop a bucket on it, it bolted into my mother's room. It's probably in her closet now, which means that there is no way to get it out.

The cat's been going insane. I hope he doesn't kill and eat it. Besides possibly getting rabies from it, its head could end up on my pillow as a present.

I think I will name it. Suggestions?
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