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Took the ACT yesterday. Yesterday? God, it was yesterday. This has been a wonderfully long weekend. Even in summer I still like it when days seem to stretch on when I look back at them.

And since it is summer, I have of course gone nocturnal, so the ACT, yeah, I took it on five hours of sleep. XD I couldn't fall asleep any earlier than two! IT WAS AN IMPOSSIBILITY.

A bit ill and not willing to let my mind and body make contact, I turned outward (for once) and didn't think. I just observed my surroundings. Namely, Corey and Sam, who were in the same room as me. It was sort of amusing, to try and figure out what they were thinking.

SAM: Ohh god, what did I do last night?
COREY: Dum-dee-dum. Oh look, a Punnett square on the chalkboard in the front of the room. I wonder what the "P/p" alleles were meant to be.
SAM: *rubbing his eyes* The Rascal Flatts concert, right... And there was this smell, like my wacky uncle's old plaid suits...
COREY: Wouldn't ya know it, I think the "5" button is sticky on this calculator. Oh well. It should still work pretty well.
SAM: And some kind of blonde blur... God, I need a Vicodin...
COREY: Hmm, I see now that there is a bulletin board next to me. "20 Little-Known Facts About the Human Body", huh? I wonder if any of them are dirty. *reads*
SAM: *fumbles with his box of supposed Tic-Tacs and then pops one in his mouth in textbook drug-addict fashion* Hoo, that stops the shakes...

As for me, I had tons of free time after the English and Reading sections and by then I was a bit more awake. And so I ended up having some of these "thoughts" things myself. Well, sort of.

ME: *taps pencil* *twirls hair* *yawns, stretches*
ME: ...
ME: Now Mary...
ME: *starts headbanging bopping lightly, barely mouthing words* Why'd ya have to go and bring me down?
ME: ...I'm so so-rry...
ME: *guitar* Chk-chk-unna DAH NAH NAH

Did I mention I was sitting in the back?

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