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One of my friends is pining (on and off as far as intensity goes) after this senior girl who seems to like him back but who he knows he can't have. He has told me of his troubles in this area a few times before.

But for the life of me, I can't imagine why. I guess he just has no one else to turn to.

It's not that we're not close or anything, it's just that I frequently respond to his worries and angst with stuff like this:

Him [6:00 P.M.]: Man do you realize that the seniors are going to be gone forever at the end of next week?
Zweelum [6:01 P.M.]: Uh, yeah.
Zweelum [6:01 P.M.]: Same as I realized it last year and the year before.
Zweelum [6:01 P.M.]: I don't know that many seniors this year anyway, so no big deal. Especially considering you can still get in contact with them on Facebook and stuff anyway.
Zweelum [6:02 P.M.]: You know I'm missing a 25 point worksheet in Science? No wonder my grade's so low.
Zweelum [6:02 P.M.]: Other than, y'know, the one he lost and then found that he put in today.
Zweelum [6:02 P.M.]: So I'm going to turn in another one tomorrow and maybe that will help.
Zweelum [6:02 P.M.]: I wish he'd tell us this stuff.
Zweelum [6:02 P.M.]: So, seniors, yeah.
Zweelum [6:02 P.M.]: Oh yeah, there was that one chick you knew.
Zweelum [6:02 P.M.]: I forgot about you being sad about that.
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