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I have been having a lot of "exploring a different house" dreams lately. A lot a lot a lot. Sometimes it's because I'm on vacation and I'm looking through the hotel room, which usually turns into a hotel house (best hotel ever?). Sometimes it's because I've moved or at least I'm temporarily living in this house, anyway, and I'm trying to figure out what's going on with it. Exploring the outer reaches of it, anyway. "Exploring" is the right word--sometimes I'd come across regular holy places, after walking through silent, dust-covered rooms, and sometimes I'd go through dangerous territory.

I think in the dangerous cases we're just renting a place or something, because while there is a feeling that the main rooms belong to me and I'm the only one living there, there is also a feeling that the place does not belong to me. Other people have lived there. Other peoples' baggage has been left behind.

In the cases where it's more quiet and undisturbed it belongs to me, and the baggage that has been left behind was left behind long ago, with no indication as to whether it was left by men or gods or just the forces of nature.

Listen to me, getting all poetic-like. El Oh El.

The places also belong to my mother, I suppose. There are often family and friends in the main rooms that do not come along whenever I start explorigating, and soon I'm far enough away from them that it just feels like I'm in an empty house.

Sound doesn't travel well in these places.

Some of the houses would seem to be haunted in some way. All of them are at least a little bit creepy.

The night before last I was exploring a pretty big place held together with small rooms. I think it started out as a hotel. Then it was my new house and I was staking out my area. The place got quieter and quieter as I went on, really surreal, and although I don't remember what rooms I went through eventually I wound up in a bathroom off the side of a nice big bedroom. The bathroom was huge. It was all white shading to off-white, nice plastic or possibly ceramics with a big bath in the middle, and steps leading up to an open shower on the side, and probably a fountain somewhere with a small stream of water curving around the bathroom and leading off to a grate, I wouldn't doubt. There was also a skylight on the top, which lit the room with the sort of glow you get on days when it's just cloudy enough that the whole sky is white and you can't tell where the sun is.

It was pretty nearly too grand for the name of "bathroom" and I think I was thinking of it as a shower room in the dream.

Then I left again. I think I was thinking that I would keep it sort of secret and hidden and use it at my own leisure and probably hang out in it more than one would a normal bathroom/shower room. Well, I mean, I do like water, and that place was like a white, sparkling temple to water.

The house last night was just a bunch of small boring rooms on the top floor--a few bedrooms, a dining room, a kitchen, a living room, all decorated in faded dusty tans and blues and pinks and greys, with only the basic furniture. Then I realized there was a cellar, which I thought had the potential to be awesome.

When I went down there, a bit nervous because it's a cellar and that's where things jump out from under the stairs at you, y'know, I looked around, and there were some boxes and stuff, and a really subtle door in the wall. Your eyes would cross over it at first, like. It was the same light color as the wall, doorframe and all. It looked like a door that wasn't often used and possibly wasn't often supposed to be used.

So I went through it. And the rooms sort of got creepier as I went along. There was a clown at one point, I know. I ended up in a room with crack down the center of the floor, and I realized that someone had built another floor over the floor that had originally been there, and there was a one or two-foot crawlspace underneath.

I stick my fingers in the crack and pull it up, and there's a lot of... just miscellaneous stuff underneath. I think maybe a clown mask? That could have been where the clown thing came from. Formless shapes that were too shadowed to make them out, further underneath. But the room was starting to really freak me out, so I decided to leave.

When I got back upstairs my mother told me I shouldn't muck around down there, because the bottom floors used to be a dungeon.

Which was creepy for about .5 seconds, and then dream!me decided to ask, "A fun dungeon or a pain dungeon?"

It was a fun dungeon.

I think the formless shapes may have retroactively been S&M stuff.
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