Sep. 11th, 2008

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This morning I had a dream apparently specifically designed to use no memories from after junior high school. I must have been sleeping really deeply, since the dream wasn't lucid at all (and it just had a different feel to it than the lighter dreams) and I could hardly even open my eyes when the alarm clock went off.

I was living back in my apartment, picking out clothes from a dark laundry room with two guys talking about something in the other room. I chose a Worlds of Fun shirt that I think I got rid of in like seventh grade and honestly could not have remembered if the dream hadn't yanked it out of somewhere deep in my subconscious. I can hardly even remember it now that I remember it, but... I remember what I remembered about it in the dream, and a little bit more. I think that may be a point for the "you really do remember everything that you experience, you just can't access it" idea.

Shortly after that I looked toward the bathroom and was confused because I couldn't think of the last time I'd used the shower, but surely I shower every day, right? Or every other day, maybe? I don't know, have I hit puberty yet? This was confusing, whatever, I went to school.

From the junior high locker room I went with the gym class out into a field where some adult landed a helicopter to talk to the teacher while the rest of us fished from a pond. Until I looked around, wondered what the fuck I was doing, and decided to steal the damn helicopter and get the hell out of there.

Some girl came with me. We left the school grounds and flew away for a while until we found a celebrity's magically-suspended sky-castle, which shot missles at us until we left it alone. Meanwhile I was still learning how to use the helicopter's controls. I got the hang of it eventually, though--joystick on the right tilts it forward and backward, pad on the left turns it side to side.

I woke up really confused about what my age was, where I lived, and who I knew.

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